Aug 05, 2003

Dimensioning the concrete sections in accordance with other standards: EUROCODE, DIN, SIA, SNIP, ACI, BULG, etc. is currently being finished.

Dimensioning the steel sections has been completed and currently this part of the program is being tested. We expect the new version of the program with all these novelties to be released by the end of the August 2003.

Jul 15, 2003

Version 5.1 - build 2010 has been issued.

Dimensioning the concrete sections in accordance with PBAB is incorporated in this version.

Jun 17, 2003

Instruction for operating with our program is prepared in "pdf" format and you can download it from our site by option "Downloads".


May 17, 2003

First commercial "beta" version of Tower 5 program is put on sale. In this version , structural design in accordance with first order theory, modal analysis, seismic calculation and option of forming the design documentation are functional.