Nov 28, 2004

Version 5.2 build 3210 released.

New features:

  • Calculation of reinforcement in seismic walls, export of project documentation into RTF file format, wizard for automatic conversion of surface loads into linear or concentrated loads over arbitrary selected grid of beams, calculation of resultant force for selected group of loads, calculation of thick plates with a new finite element. Number of allowable combination of load-cases is increased from 100 to 1024. Fixed problem with "AltGr" key.
  • Currently, we are working on timber design module and addition for concrete design module - serviceability limit state, flections and cracking analysis.

Sep 24, 2004

Version 5.4 build 5115 released.

New features:

  • Nonlinear Analysis - Tension capable only and Pressure capable only truss elements.
  • Report for cumulative mass participation factors used in seismic analysis.
  • Concrete fissure calculation - SIA codes added.
  • Concrete fissure calculation - defining Quasi - permanent loading scheme acc. EUROCODE.
  • Report for complete loading scheme used for concrete design.
  • Concrete design - Bulgarian localization of EUROCODE added.
  • Steel design - SIA 263 code added.

Jun 23, 2004

Version 5.4 build 5028 released - featuring optimized and accelerated concrete design calculation.

New DEMO version of program Tower 5 is released. The DEMO program has the same functionality as professional version - structural analysis (theory I and II), stability analysis, modal analysis and seismic analysis - but it is limited to 300 node models. Concrete design, steel design and timber design are not available.

Jun 05, 2004

Version 5.4 build 5017 and the Appendix of Manual for version 5.4 is released.

New features:

  • Design of timber girders.
  • Fissures and Flexions analysis (concrete design).
  • Analysis according to second order Theory and calculation of critical load - Stability Analysis.
  • Creation of tabelar reports for numerical results (text reports).
  • Implemented algorithm for design of concrete plates considering "Mxy moment effect" recomended by Eurocode.
  • Added Swiss code for multimodal seismic analysis.
  • For users convenience, decreasing of diagrams and layouts of loads is now possible using key (SHIFT) besides ALT (for example ALT+F9 is the same as SHIFT+F9)
  • For some time, it is possible to get the illegal copies or cracks of our programs Tower 4, Planet and PanelPro. Those programs have protection system JUST PARTIALY removed so they "work" without presence of original dongle (hard-lock) but results of analysis are UNRELIABLE and INCORRECT and DIFFER from results obtained with original programs.
  • We warn about risk of using those cracked programs.

Mar 13, 2004

Version 5.3 build 4021 and the Appendix of Manual for version 5.3 is released.

New features:

  • Improvement in presentation of axes in exported graphical blocks.
  • Control of adopted reinforcement in seismic walls - more precise calculation.
  • Smarter handling of intersected, unequal-typed releases in plates.
  • Solved problems with deformations in thick plate elements.
  • Changed condition for determination of beam joints suitable for joint offsets.
  • In concrete design - changed algorithm for calculation of additional eccentricity for columns (for moveable structure type).

Feb 21, 2004

Version 5.3 build 4015 released.

This version contains solutions for several problems or requests reported from our users:

  • Corrected size of exported graphical symbols in landscape mode.
  • Releases in plates and multistage models - change of release type through stages.
  • Steel design for unsymmetric I profiles.
  • Marks for reactions of linear supports - with small letters (to make them different from point support marks)
  • Creation of envelope loadcases from combinations of moving and static loads.
  • Proper order for node numbering in single linear element diagram display dialog and export.

Feb 05, 2004

Version 5.3 build 4005 released.

New features:

  • Another dynamic zoom implemented - zoom on mouse wheel.
  • Subcommand "Offset" added to polyline input command.
  • Export of levels from space model to separate file - as 2D plane model. (In Data Input module, in the "Levels" menu added option "Export")
  • Easier rotation of multi-segmented cross section (In Data Input module, "Beams"->"Cross-section"->"Alignment")
  • New layout for beams. Option "Description" in "Visibility" for beams, displays short description of cross section (dimensions, section type etc.) instead of simple set number.
  • Wizard for automatic creation of releases in orthotropic plates. (in Data Input module, command "Releases" option "Orthotropic plates")
  • Solved problem with modal analysis and models with releases in plates. In some cases, modal analysis was unable to retrieve correct frequencies.
  • Added option for obtaining results in plates aligned to global axes suitable for models with curved surfaces. (Post-Processing module, plate influences, check box "Globally")
  • Added Legend for Set Control command. (Post-Processing module, Set Control command)
  • Added automatic generation of graphic blocks in Set Control command - creates one picture for every set (Post-Processing module, Set Control command, option "Report")
  • Improved system of diagram marking for axial influences in beams. (Post-Processing module, Beam influences)
  • Radial reinforcement in plates (design and choosing) (Post-Processing module, Concrete design->Plates->Choosing reinforcement)
  • Implemented Hungarian codes for concrete design.
  • Option for disregarding bending influences for multi-segmented girders (Steel Design).
  • Wizard for automatic creation of representative pictures for construction and loading for whole model. (Edit paper module, "Structure"->"Generate" and "Loading"->"Generate")
  • Creation of text blocks with arbitrary content. (Edit paper module, command "Insert block")
  • Adjustable report start page number. (Edit paper module, command "Paper size", "Text" tab)
  • Allowed usage of larger fonts in text reports. (Edit paper module)
  • RTF file generated with RTF export command, contains in its header, data about program version and resolution.

Dec 17, 2003

Version 5.2 build 3223 released.

This version has no new functionality but contains several minor bug fixes and a number of optimizations and internal improvements.

Oct 24, 2003

Version 5.2 build 3015 released.

New features:

  • Design of adopted reinforcement in beams and export into "Armcad 2000", advanced import of geometry from DXF files
  • automatic wizard for creation of reinforcement area for adopted reinforcement in plates
  • special command for concrete design of arbitrary defined individual section with arbitrary influences
  • support for Bulgarian codes for concrete design, and for SNIP codes - finished complete algorithm for torsion.

Sep 05, 2003

Version 5.1 build 2038 released.

New features:

  • Steel design (in accordance with EUROCODE and JUS)
  • Concrete design (in accordance with EUROCODE, DIN, SIA, SNIP, ACI, BS and PBAB)
  • Added another method for interpretation and analysis of beams with eccentricity - substitution of real eccentricity with altering (increasing) inertia properties - the same as in Tower 4.

To obtain updated manual visit the "Downloads" section of this site. The latest DEMO version 5.1 is available for download too.