Jun 20, 2006

Version 5.5 build 6107 released.

What is new:

  • Modified croatian regulation for seismic analysis - new regulation named HRN-N added.

Except that, there are a couple of corrections:

  • Resolved path ambiguity in cases of multiple prestress cable segments (more than 2) connected in common join.
  • Fixed bug in TXT report for EC concrete design of plates - the value of bending moment in displayed report is not the same as design value.

Mar 31, 2006

Version 5.5 build 6105 released.

What is new:

  • An easier creation of anvelope load cases.
  • Alowed moving of graphical blocks between groups.
  • Export of graphical block as arbitrary sized bitmap (BMP file). This kind of export will be executed instead of standard export when 'Ctrl' and 'Shift' are pressed simultaneously.
  • Changes in procedure for automatic generation of adopted areas for covering with of reinforcement in the upper zone. Along with option for making areas same size width, there are option for making areas of covering dependant of plate span.
  • Added option for transferring load case combinations generated in combination scheme for concrete design into regular load case combinations.
  • Eased and articulated procedure for defining the 'Plot window' in graphical blocks.
  • Concrete design - BULG EC regulations - changes in combination scheme and changes in calculation of shear force reinforcement design.
  • Migration to latest HASP drivers. From now, the users with network licences should use HASP Licence Manager 8.31 or newer. (downloadable from page "Downloads").

Except that, there are several improvements, corrections and bug-fixes:

  • Concrete design - PBAB87 regulations - in specific cases when girder is under pressure with small eccentricity, the partial coefficients are not increased.
  • Fixed problem in moving load combination and envelopes.
  • In operation of joining contours, entities of loads are joined regardless its difference in intensity.
  • Incomplete block description in block with adopted reinforcement for beams.
  • Fixed problem in seismic walls labeling - inconsistent labels on picture and txt-report.

Feb 03, 2006

Version 5.5 build 6017 released.

This version contains several minor fixes related with import of *.twr files, phase deleting, and reinforcement export.

Dec 30, 2005

Version 5.5 build 6012 released.

What is new:

  • Export of adopted reinforcement (beams and plates) into ArmCAD 2005 (including option for 3d export of adopted reinforcement in beams). To set the target version of program ArmCAD (2000 or 2005) for export, use the command 'Functionality'.
  • Changed procedure for client installation - added feature for switching the client installation type (with or without copying of executables).
  • Automatic and comprehensive reports for moving loads.
  • Setting and change graphical block's scale factor. Displaying of scale factor in block title. (tag %R will be replaced with current scale factor value.)
  • Added feature for copying of selected loading entities to another load case - just with using command 'Copy'.
  • Operation for automatic generation of graphical blocks with loading now respects established visibility.
  • Rendered view of adopted reinforcement in beams.
  • Several minor modifications and small improvements in according to users requests.

Sep 27, 2005

Version 5.4 build 5326 released.

What is new:

  • Implemented latest changes in EUROCODE 2 - concrete design. The changes are related with combining scheme and partial factors
  • Fixed problem with drawing of global Z beam displacement diagrams which is occured in Build 5321
  • Minor modifications in steel design related with change of default bending curves for 'box' sections (according YUS codes).

Sep 09, 2005

Version 5.4 build 5321 released.

What is new:

  • Enabled automatic installation on computers with 64-bit processors and 32-bit Windows (2000/XP)
  • Work under 64-bit operating system (Windows XP x64) - enabled
  • Modal analysis - increased maximal number of alowed modal shapes
  • Fix of couple minor problems in report creation for seismic walls and beam reinforcement and their exporting to RTF
  • Some minor modifications in algorithm of finite elements mesh generation.

May 12, 2005

Version 5.4 build 5316 released.

Due to problem with instalation of HASP drivers on computers with Windows XP SP2 running AMD 64-bit processors, instalation routine has been modified - for more details click here.

This version also, contains fixes of couple minor problems reported from our users.

Apr 11, 2005

Version 5.4 build 5311 released.

New features:

  • Seismic walls - concrete design - multimodal seismic analysis - allowed reinforcement calculation with influences obtained with SRSS combination scheme.
  • Concrete design - added information about number of stirrup cuttings into diagrams of adopted reinforcement.
  • Concrete design - modified reinforcement marking and naming in beams with rotated section.
  • Concrete design acc. MSZ codes - allowed analysis with buckling ignored.
  • Prevented generation of multiple geometrically identical point or linear supports in command for exporting levels (ceilings).
  • Prevented running of nonlinear analysis for models with moveable load.
  • Solved problem with drawing of arrows in diagram of Nn.
  • Corrected assigning of end releases for simple and nonlinear frames - in some circumstances end-releases were nonsymmetrical.

Feb 17, 2005

Version 5.4 build 5305 released.

For network users, new installation feature added - for more details, click here. New features:

  • Optimized drawing of arrows in surface and linear loads.
  • Change in algorithm for multiple selection of slab releases.
  • Modified calculation of extreme stress in beams for combinations and anvelope load-cases.
  • Modified algorithm for load integration for beams calculated with 'Offset' option enabled.
  • Changed tolerance range and default value for nonlinear analysis.
  • Concrete design: modification of conditions for determination of imperfection (buckling) and enabled input of concrete reduction factor (SNIP)

Dec 03, 2004

Version 5.4 build 5212 released.

New features:

  • Concrete design acc. SNIP codes - changed algorithm for calculation of stirrups.
  • Concrete design - in textual report added information about number of stirrup cuttings.
  • Steel design acc. EC and SIA codes - changed algorithm for calculation of shearing area for I and [ sections; algorithm for stress control improved.
  • TXT report - solved some minor problems with node numbering in reports for envelope load-cases.
  • Finite elements mesh generation algorithm optimised and made less sensitive to tolerance problems.