Mar 17, 2008

Official presentation of program Tower 6

Radimpex Software in cooperation with Faculty of Civil Engineering in Belgrade, organizing presentation of program Tower 6. The presentation will be performed in Friday, 28-th March 2008. in 12h, in Ceremonious Hall of Faculty of Civil Engineering in Belgrade.

Feb 22, 2008

Version 6 Build 1040 released.

The most important new features are related with generation of reports for selected group of entities and invoking new Slovenian seismic codes (SLO EC8). Beside that, this version contains numerous improvements, optimizations and bug-fixes. The very first animated lessons (films) showing several simple but realistic models are available for online viewing – see [lessons]Online Lessons & Tutorials[/lessons] page.

Jan 24, 2008

New Tower has been released - Version 6 !

New version presents significant improvement of program Tower 5 and was created based on requests and needs of its numerous users. The list of the most significant novelties introduced in Version 6 were published on [migration]Migration[/migration]** page. The Migration page is dedicated to users of Tower 5, for quick and easy migration to Version 6. Free functional DEMO version of program Tower 6 is available. For users of program Tower 5 we provided a special user-manual (see Download** page), with detailed cover of all new features and differences in Tower 6. Contact our nearest representative for information about purchasing or upgrading.

Sep 21, 2007

Version 5.5 build 6126 released.

This version contains several minor corrections. The most important are related with drawing of prestress cables and replacing cross-sections in steel design. Also, this version contains some necessary adjustments for allowing parallel usage of Tower 5 and Tower 6 on the same computer.

Apr 04, 2007

Version 5.5 build 6121 released.

This version contains several fixes.

  • Ordering of load case combinations may become incorrect after repeated solve (analysis). No impact to results or design.
  • Influences in slab, for multimodal seismic load cases for "support regions" (Mx, My) was not initialized.
  • In some cases deleted generated textual report blocks stayed not completely deleted in document, wasting the space.

Feb 28, 2007

Version 5.5 build 6120 released.

This version contains several minor corrections.

  • Increasing of accuracy (by tolerance decreasing) in reinforcement calculation. In some specific and very rare cases, noticed significant increase of reinforcement amount due small variation of influences.
  • Unsymmetrical I section - small changes in stirrup calculation and reinforcement adopting procedure.
  • Correction in fissure and flexion calculation for eccentric and/or rotated cross section.

Dec 19, 2006

Version 5.5 build 6117 released.

This version contains one correction in calculation of fissures and one minor correction related with reinforcement addopting in "I" and "T" sections designed with reinforced scheme No 2.

Nov 23, 2006

Version 5.5 build 6115 released.

This version contains just one modification - in PBAB87 concrete design, slenderness limit for ignore of buckling effects (for moveable model) is set to 25.

Oct 17, 2006

Version 5.5 build 6114 released.

This version contains several modifications and changes - the most important are:

  • Modification in combination scheme for EC based regulations - in some cases the load scheme contained duplicates and in some cases combinations were missing.
  • For models with nonlinear elements, defining of sway types in calculation of buckling effects in concrete design were disabled.
  • Changed the way for defining LCS of linear entities on spiral surface.

Aug 24, 2006

Version 5.5 build 6110 released.

What is new:

  • Feature in modal analysis for optionally disabling vertical oscilations.