Oct 08, 2020

Released Tower 8.3 (Build 8324) which brings a quite number of new features

The most significant innovations brought by this new version are: improvement of IFC compatibility including IFC export command (still in development), improvement of load combination generation algorithm, export of usability limit state combinations from combination scheme, improvement and new configuration in graphical display parameters, improvement in form and the display of some reports, a new possibility of setting the line load on the beams in accordance with the LKS beams and many others ... The more detailed list of new features brought by the new version are:

  • A new command has been introduced - "IFC Export", which enables the exporting of models (slabs, walls, beams and columns) and a network of finite elements in an IFC file. The command is in development stage.
  • Significant improvement in import from IFC files. The IfcPluPlus library is now used. It allows IFC files of all versions and formats to be loaded, and import is several times faster and recognizes a far greater number of ways to define entity geometry.
  • Capacity Design is also enabled if the seismic calculation is performed with the EC8 Lateral Forces Method.
  • The option has been introduced to return to its previous zoom state when returning to a previously visited 2D view. In the window layout dialog, there is a switch to turn on this mode.
  • A new feature for defining linear loads - setting the linear load in the direction of the local coordinate system of the beam on which the linear load lays.
  • This method is only possible if all the specified lines are on the beams, over their entire length.
  • Added option of adding a remarks in sets of surface, line and point supports and connections. It is also enabled to display remarks in set control legends. A check box has been added to the set control dialog to turn on the display of remarks.
  • Improved algorithm for generating load combinations in the dialog for load combinations (adapted for a large number of basic load cases)
  • For EC2-based regulations, enabled geneartion and export of Usability Limit State from combination scheme dialog. The combinations for the Usability Limit State that refers to the sum of long-term and short-term part.
  • The modal analysis dialog now displays a note / explanation in case of simultaneous use of set multipliers and multipliers in advanced options.
  • Enabled partial copying of drawing parameters (separately screen parameters and separately paper parameters) from a saved configuration to the current configuration.
  • In concrete design SRPS EN codes, changed the default name for reinforcement to B500
  • Improved algorithm that calculates the width of tables in reports when the option "font type affects table width" is enabled
  • The tables should be slightly narrower now than in previous versions, but wide enough to show the complete content.
  • Concrete design - calculation of cross-section - enables approximate consideration of the influence of buckling.
  • Implemented Copying of a graphic block to the clipboard at Ctrl + C.
  • Enabled option for choosing between 3 different sizes of line spacing in the report.
  • Enhancement in the file storage system that contains the report, which allows the report to be larger than 2 GB. The new system is fully compatible with the old report file format.
  • A safer algorithm for automatic report defragmentation has been implemented and the criteria for performing automatic defragmentation have been changed.
  • Improvements in the appearance and form of seismic reports, modal analysis reports, and beam set reports.
  • Improvement in the load combination scheme. A special mode of creating independent sets of combinations has been introduced in case there are several permanent loads with mutual exclusion.
  • For EC2-based codes, global adjustment of the value of the coefficient of displacement of the tensile force line is enabled. Default value for Eurocode regulations 1,125
  • Reconciliation of text reports of results. As of version 8.3, multimodal seismic and SRSS load cases are treated as duplicates, so the reports are adjusted accordingly.
  • Separate commands were created for dimensioning influences in 3D, dimensioning extremes and set control (commands that have their own icons)
  • Optimization and improvement in beam reports for all load cases. Due to the reduced amount of memory, reports should be generated faster.
  • A new configuration of drawing parameters - "Standard" was created and included in the installation
  • Enable drawing of a out-of-domain (arrow) cursor filled - for better visibility on high-resolution monitors.
  • Several new configurations of drawing parameters for color printing have been created and included in the installation: "Default - Color Print", "Dark - Color Print" and "Standard - Color Print"
  • A new configuration of report parameters was created and included in the installation: "Standard"

Beside this new features, this Build contains a large number of improvements, optimizations and bug-fixes.