Jul 04, 2006

ArmCAD 2005 build 1712 released.

New features:

  • Automated covering of arbitrary plate with series of bars.
  • Wizard for continuous beam.
  • Wizard for stair-case.
  • Wizard for retaining wall.
  • Wizard for reinforced walls.
  • Wizard for columns.
  • Standard bars for cruciform reinforced plate.
  • New entity - secondary reinforcement.
  • New command - change of user's coordinete system (UCS).

Beside that, there are numberous improvements:

  • Added multiplying coefficient in variable series - affecting specification and recapitulation.
  • Labeling style of meshes enriched with new feature - single-diagonal layout.
  • Added new columns in bar specification report - for single bar weight and for total weight for bar item.
  • Comments in labels are adjusted to be compatible with report's code page (instead of applications code page).
  • Implemented support for distinguishing anchoring length from overlapping length.
  • Wizard for strip footing - added two new shapes of lateral reinforcement.
  • etc..

Some changes and corrections have been implemented, the most imported are:

  • The specificator for series respects scale factor of series..
  • In multiple files reinforcement summary (recapitulation) avoided showing of reinforcement with zero length in total.
  • Fixed tolerance problem in cutting plan - in some specific situations made cutting plan not quite optimal.
  • In conversion of ArmCAD 2000 files - in some situations the mesh direction was not the same as in original.
  • etc..

Mar 29, 2006

ArmCAD 2005 build 1608 released.

New features:

  • Forms clustering - report creation for arbitrary group of forms.
  • Generation of the meshes cutting plan for multiple forms.
  • Increased number of bar bending types in operation of importing reinforcement from program Tower.
  • Added features in the report: defining a start page number, rounded layout of bars in specification pictures, option for switching the order of specification and recapitulation.
  • Two additional types for sorting - by type of reinforcement and by diameter of bars.
  • Additional filter for visibility - by type of reinforcement and diameter.
  • Migration to latest HASP drivers. From now, the users with network licences should use HASP Licence Manager 8.31 or newer. (downloadable from page "Downloads").

Except that, there are several improvements, corrections and bug-fixes:

  • Improved 'stretch' and 'grip-moving' for series.
  • Supported change of text style width factor (for ArmCAD's labels)
  • Improved layout of 3D bars in specification.
  • Fixed copy/paste of multisegmented labels.
  • Fixed specificator extraction of scaled entities.
  • Fixed incompatibility of some commands and UCS change.

Dec 30, 2005

ArmCAD 2005 build 1505 released.

What is new:

  • Import of reinforcement (for beams and plates) adopted in program Tower - Version 5.5 (including the 3d view of reinforcement for beams)

Other minor changes: option for stirrup rotation in cross section extaraction and option for aditional adjustment of constant series in plane view.

Dec 16, 2005

ArmCAD 2005 build 1404 released.

What is new:

  • Conversion of ArmCAD 2000 files.

Except that, several improvements, changes and corrections suggested or reported by users, have been implemented, such as: in cross section extraction, stirrup geometry is treated as outside measures - instead of physical measures, adjustment of printing size for cross-section dots, fixed content of generated comment in specificator attached for series - now respects measurement units, etc...

Oct 11, 2005

ArmCAD 2005 build 1311 released.

What is new:

  • Wizards for pad footing and strip footing,
  • Improved meshes in cross-section - enable to define the area of covering
  • Smart cross-section labeling - fully customizable cross-section symbols.
  • Helper command for covering of arc-shaped surfaces with arc-shaped bars (constant or variable series in plan view).
  • Helper lines - created with offsetting lines, polylines, arc, circles and ArmCAD's entities (bars, series...)
  • Alternative way for creation of variable bar items - by defining the function of change - manually.
  • Embedding of drawing parameters ( colors, font names, text sizes, symbol layouts...) into drawing - enables porting the drawing parameters.
  • Placing of the specificator respects ortho mode.

Fixed of problems - a problem with non-empty form deletion, a problem with ArmCAD text styles after 'PURGE' and couple more minor bugs reported from users.

Sep 03, 2005

ArmCAD 2005 build 1207 released. ArmCAD 2005 DEMO (free, with limited functionality) released.