Jun 26, 2008

ArmCAD 2005 build 1730 released.

Since this version, ArmCAD 2005 is also compatible with AutoCAD 2009. Beside that, there are a couple of minor changes and fixes.

  • network installation with automatic configuring of communication parameters for NetHASP key.
  • reinforcement continuation – added new option for splitting straight bars and series of straight bars
  • several small changes and fixes related with cross-section pursue, drawing bars in specification and export of reinforcement in program Tower.

Nov 28, 2007

ArmCAD 2005 build 1727 released.

Fixed problem with incorrect drawing bars with overlapped segments in specification occured in previous build and couple improvements and fixes in specificator.

Oct 02, 2007

ArmCAD 2005 build 1725 released.

This version contains one correction in algorithm for generation of meshes cutting plan.

Jun 21, 2007

ArmCAD 2005 build 1722 released.

This version contains two fixes.

  • Corrected problem with hook orientation in specification.
  • Corrected problem with placing of specification report on drawing, when toolbars are not docked.

Apr 23, 2007

ArmCAD 2005 build 1720 released.

  • Porting to AutoCAD 2008 completed - ArmCAD 2005 now works with AutoCAD 2008. Beside that, this version contains several minor changes and fixes.
  • In import from ArmCAD 2000 format, series in plan view with inclined bars has changed bar distance.
  • In a bars specification placed on drawing, spiral bar was not entirely dimensioned.

Mar 20, 2007

ArmCAD 2005 build 1718 released.

This version contains several minor changes.

  • Increased maximal number of bar items in one item form - from 500 to 999.
  • Eliminated unnecessary resetting of specificator's labels position to default.
  • Making openings in a meshes now is visibility dependant - creates openings only in visible meshes.

Feb 05, 2007

ArmCAD 2005 build 1717 released.

This version contains several minor changes.

  • Correction of error in import of ArmCAD 2000 files into ArmCAD 2005 UE.
  • Correction of error which may occur in RTF export, very rarely.
  • Change in printing of symbol for cross section at source, concerning linetype.
  • Correction in stirrup angle in series in longitudinal section imported from Tower 5.

Dec 19, 2006

ArmCAD 2005 build 1716 released.

This version contains two minor changes. One is related with conversion of ArmCAD 2000 files - in some cases single-segmented straight bars with one hook are converted with altered hook position. Other change is related with scale-factor of specificator taken from constant series in plane view.

Oct 17, 2006

ArmCAD 2005 build 1715 released.

This version contains several changes and improvements:

  • In visibility dialog realised distinguishing for bar items with specificator placed.
  • Changes in conversion of ArmCAD 2000 files - automatic layer unlocking and conversion of specific variable series in plan view.

Jul 31, 2006

ArmCAD 2005 build 1714 released.

  • Porting to AutoCAD 2007 completed - ArmCAD 2005 now works with AutoCAD 2007! Since now, every version of program ArmCAD will have two editions - the standard edition compatible with AutoCAD 2004, 2005, 2006, and UNICODE EDITION compatible with AutoCAD 2007. Although those editions are two distinctive programs, they will have equal functionality.

This version (Build 1714) contains several minor changes and fixes.