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About NormaBase

NormaBase Plus - program for producing a bill of quantities, estimated bill of quantities and cost analysis
NormaBase Plus is a Windows application intended for designers, building contractors, engineering firms and investors. The program is used for producing bills of quantities, estimated bills of quantities, tenders, estimates, bids and proposals, measurement books, pricing and cost analyses. Apart from the implementation in building and civil engineering construction, the program can also be used for various types of installation: sanitary engineering, electrical and mechanical installation. Easy contents modification of the existing databases along with a simple creation of completely new databases allow this program a much wider use than the intended one. This is a brand new program which, as a follow-up of the NormaBase program, is making a large advance in functionality, data protection, performance and data exchange with other applications. The use of the latest software technologies has resulted in innumerable benefits such as user-friendly programs, fast data search and retrieval, easy reports formatting and user freedom in preparation for printing.

Basic information on the program

• The program comes with the latest standards and resources database which contains more than 20,000 standards: building works and specialist’s trades, civil engineering construction, water and sewage works, electrical and mechanical installation, central heating and air-conditioning installation.
• Using the commands for copying, deleting, moving, inserting and editing, all database parts can easily be modified and adjusted to meet user needs.
• Labour classification has been enhanced and also based on worker’s occupation rather than simply on qualification.
• All standards and resources are contained within a single database which prevents assigning the same code to different standards and resources, along with other similar and frequent mistakes and errors.
• Extremely fast visual search of standards and items owing to a special kind of work structure in the form of a tree.
• Instant access to the selected standard or item contents - the preview.
• A filter for finding fast the desired database part (searching according to code, part of code, part of name, contents description, etc).
• Export i.e. import tools enable two-way communication with other program users (exchanging standards, typical items, reports, resource prices, etc).
• A report is created by a simple transfer of the selected items from the typical items database or old reports database.
• If you need to produce a cost analysis for a bill of quantities (tender) created in Word or Excel, there is a mechanism envisaged for converting and assigning one or more standards defining the technology of executing an item (a cost analysis for someone else’s bill of quantities).
• Both at the level of items database and report, it is possible to create an arbitrary number of pricelists in various currencies, exchange prices between different pricelists and modify them (linear and percentage modification).
• Factor costs are calculated in by multiplying quotients contained at the level of reports, type of work and items themselves.
• The program allows input of all local letters, both Cyrillic and Latin, together with special alphabet characters from other languages (in accordance with the UNICODE standard).
• The format of displaying figures is in compliance with regional and local postulates of the operative system.
• In course of creating bill of quantities items, besides the outstanding ‘calculator for creating evidence, it is also possible to create items on the basis of AutoCad drawing.
• The extraordinary advance in user interface represents an enhancement of preparation for printing which implies a great freedom of choice of elements to be included in the report and the report design itself (choice of colors, table layout, fonts, etc). The program allows inserting a company logo, adding a front page and header created in other applications, such as Word, Excel, Front Page and DreamWeaver, and other HTML editors.
• In addition to the Normabase Plus program format, the program also supports Excel and Word format along with the connection with MS Project and Primavera suites. In this way, a two-way communication with users who do not have Normabase Plus program is enabled.
• Old version program users can convert their out-dated standards and resources databases along with reports.

Needed computer configuration

• 100 MB free disc space;
• Windows 2000 or XP;
• Internet Explorer ver. 5.5 or later.