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About Metal Studio

Metal Studio program for drawing metal structures

The Metal Studio is a state-of–the-art tool for making high-quality professional drawings of metal structures running on the AutoCAD platform. The Metal Studio computer program enables creating high-quality project documentation including a complete and detailed specification and summary. Great ease, simplicity and speed of work, together with functionality and flexibility, have all been successfully merged in the Metal Studio program. The high degree of integration with the AutoCAD program allows complex entities made with the Metal Studio program to behave in the same way as standard AutoCAD entities.


The Metal Studio program enables creating complex and high-quality drawings of metal structure. The program’s most important functions include:
• modeling girders with a large number of different cross sections – rolled, welded, cold-rolled, single and mutiple, while cross section databases can be futher updated and modified;
• modeling sheet metal plates of an arbitrary geometry;
• automatic positioning and counting elements;
• marking and labeling elements with the possibility of selecting a large number of labeling styles;
• forming elements by various methods – by defining openings, penetrations, cut-outs, notches, drill holes;
• automatic defining of visible and invisible edges;
• modeling bolted joints – parallel and radial distribution of a large number of types, with a large number of symbols for marking and labeling, while the databases of available bolts can be futher updated and easily modified;
• modeling welds and marking and labeling them according to the standards, but also with the possibility of defining a completely arbitrary labeling style;
• cross section pursuit through a single or multiple elements simultaneously;
pursuing longitudinal views together with cross section and longitudinal section pursuit with an option of assigning depth of the view;
• creating detail pictures;
automatic creation of workshop drawings, labeled in detail and marked;
• automatic creation of project documentation including a complete and detailed specification and summary of materials, weight, length, paint area (for assemblies, for a whole drawing or several drawings at the same time;
• 3D visualisation and render;
importing geometry from the Tower program;
• automated contruction of a large number of standard and non-standard elements - connection details, stiffened plates, head plates ... (optional)

The concept

The classic approach which assumes the necessity of creating a complete and detailed 3D model prior to obtaining the work end results (2D drawings, by more or less automatic generation) has been replaced by a more practical, more effective and more flexible system.
Metal Studio brings an innovative concept of simultaneous 3D modeling and 2D detailing which enables working faster, more easily and more efficiently, with an increased possibility of customizing the end product, a 2D drawing, retaining at the same time a high degree of automatism.
The practical aspect of this concept reflects in a great ease of creating a model which is performed by 2D drawing (planar). By using an extremely simple and easy to understand system of spatial alignment, it is possible to obtain the desired model quite fast. Modeling is performed on assemblies and it is not dependent on the existance of the whole spatial model.
The efficacy of this concept reflects in an increased speed of working – everything that is drawn is drawn in such a way that it represents the end product, a 2D drawing. The results of working are instantly made visible and ready for printout. A 2D layout, does not differentiate between a model drawing and a detail drawing. Therefore it is
possible at any moment to switch to a 3D regime and obtain a realistic 3D layout.
The flexibility of this concept reflects in the fact that due to the subsequent change of model the program offers its users the possibility of updating automatically all 2D drawings. In addition, it is possible to modify all generated 2D drawings by subsequent labeling, marking, adding or deleting – keeping them automatically updated due to any adjustments made on a model.
Both the act of defining and the possibility of using arbitrary labeling styles increase the program’s usage and flexibility to meet different user’s requirements.

Recognisable simplicity of use

Our lifelong commitment to making programs, such as the Tower and ArmCAD, which are easy to apprehend, quick to learn and yet extremely functional and abundant in possibilities has completely manifested itself during designing and making the Metal Studio program. Other proofs of such commitment are the Tower and ArmCAD programs. Staying constantly in touch with our customers i.e. users has provided us with additional information about their actual needs and special requirements. Several experts with rich experience have taken part in designing and making the program.

Required computer configuration

• Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10
• AutoCAD 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 or 2020.