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About ArmCAD 6

ArmCAD reinforced concrete detailing program

The ArmCAD program, as an integral part of the AutoDesk's AutoCAD or BrycSys's BricsCAD, facilitates making high-quality professional drawings of reinforcement details. The ArmCAD program exempts a user from the most strenuous share of work - classifying, itemizing, marking, enumerating, shaping, anchoring, error checking, along with updating automatically all subsequent changes. The program allows generating automatically a reinforcement specification which presents extremely accurately the geometry and quantity of each used bar item in the drawing. A reinforcement recapitulation, which represents a sum total of reinforcement quantity layouts, is automatically generated together with the specification. When mesh reinforcement is used, the optimum mesh cutting design is automatically generated together with the specification and recapitulation. A mesh cutting design enables that the quantity of cut and unused pieces of mesh be least possible.
Using the cutting edge technology and vast experience, along with anticipating our countless users demands, we have come up with a program that drastically speeds up, facilitates and keeps under control the tiring and error-prone process of creating reinforcment details designs.

Why ArmCAD ?

The ArmCAD program is intended for use of engineers and draftsmen who want a program:
• with which they can create fast and immaculately final as-built drawings, together with reinforcement specification and recapitulation even for most complex reinforced-concrete constructions; which is comprehensive and easy-to-use;
• which is customisable and easily-adaptable to meet both official standards and your own personal preferences;
• which is completely integral with the AutoCAD program and operates at its full capacity.

The ArmCAD program key features include:

• Drawing and editing bars Drawing and editing bar series
• Drawing and editing cross sections
• Labeling and marking bars
• Drawing and editing mesh reinforcement
• Creating ready reinforcement schedules and forms for typical reinforced-concrete constructions (Wizard)
• Generating automatically reports (specification, recapitulation and mesh cutting design)
• One step from dimensioning and adopting reinforcement to final as-built drawings (direct connection with the Tower program for structural analysis)
• It is completely integral with the AutoCAD program
• It is fully adaptable - program localization

Basic innovations in comparison with the previous version

The ArmCAD program is a brand-new program containing more than 100 qualitative improvements in comparison with its predecessor. Some of the key ones are:
• a new drawing technique with coverlines enables drawing directly along form lines, which drastically speeds up the process of drawing;
• new options in course of assigning standard bars and standard forms considerably facilitate defining them;
• a complete freedom in customizing regulations, measurement units and ways of labeling entities;
• the number of various entities layouts, such as bars, meshes, cross sections and series and labels in particular (displaying them in the drawing) has multiplied;
• series in plan view can now cover inclined planes, and may contain several fields with various bar densities;
• variable series in plan view are easily defined by means of the covering area;
• improved methods of handling bar items and a wide range of items sorting criteria;
• new options have resulted in an enhanced algorithm for placing meshes ;
• placing meshes in inclined planes;
• generation of cross section which corresponds to an arbitrarily selected place in the structure is now possible within all reinforcement types (bars, meshes, mixed);
• quality of report has significantly improved - there is now a complete freedom in customizing the contents, form and layout;
• creating complete reinforcement schedules and forms for typical reinforced-concrete constructions by defining their parameters in dialogue boxes (Wizard);
• significantly improved importing reinforcement from the Tower program;
• the advance in user interface increases additionally ease and efficiency of the operation with the program.

Needed computer configuration

• Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
• AutoCAD 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 (32-bit or 64 bit), 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 (64-bit) or BricsCAD v14, v15, v16, v17, v18 and v19 ("Pro" or "Platinum")